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Song for Ojoto

Ojoto, di na Idemili
Obu ezigbo obodo nke Chukwu goziri
Ojoto Obu ezigbo obodo bu so mma
Oganiru na udo Chukwu
Bukwa ife oji aga aga
Ojoto obodo mma Ojoto
Anyi ekene gi
Ojoto, obodo mma
Udo diri gi                                    Ojoto, obodo mma                                Ojoto, bukwa ezi obodo anyi-oo!!

2. Ojoto bu Agu - eji-eje-mba
Ji otu obi eme ife we ne new udo
Ojoto we re aku na uba                  Ndu oma na aru -isi-ike             Bukwa ngozi eji ama ya

Ojoto obodo mma Ojoto
Anyi ekene gi
Ojoto, obodo mma
Udo diri gi                                     Ojoto, obodo mma
Ojoto, bukwa ezi obodo anyi-oo!!

Ojoto (Anthem in English)

1. Ojoto,in Idemili
Is just a good home that god blesses.
Ojoto,a beautiful city,
God’s peace and progress
Always reign in this home.

Ojoto, a nice home, Ojoto
We salute you,
Ojoto,a nice home,
God’s peace be with you,
Ojoto , a nice home,
Ojoto,is our beautiful.

2. Ojoto, the Lion of Judah
Walks with oneness and has God’s peace.
Ojoto , has wealth and good health,
Good life’s resources
As the blessing of good home. Chorus
Ojoto, a nice home,Ojoto,
We all salute you,
Ojoto a nice home,
God’s peace be with you,
Ojoto, a nice,
Ojoto, is our beautiful good home.

Dr.Anthony Ikemfunna
(a.k.a.Tonny keks)
Eze Di Na Obi








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Origin:  The name Ojoto is derived from Ojo and Oto – Ojoto two brothers. One (Ojo) is now a village while the other Oto is a family in Ire, Ojoto. The founder of Ojoto, OGBUA DIJI (renowned farmer) is believed to have migrated from NRI with his two brothers, ALOJUM and ADIKE. ALOJUM the eldest founded ALOR while ADIKE the youngest founded OBOSI. This must have been about five centuries ago.

Ogbus Diji’s first son IFITE later called EZIEKE, settled in his father’s domain – EZIEKE, while the other sons of his wives moved away from Ezieke to found the six villages of Ojoto. One of the villages EZEMA is believed to have migrated from UKE. Umueke in Ibusa (Delta state) and Umudin in Nnewi are said to be founded by one of  the sons of Ojoto. Ojoto now the headquarters of Idemili South Local Government is divided into two halves by the Idemili River which runs from Oraukwu to the estuary, the River Niger, passing through Alor, Uke, Nnobi, Ojoto, Umuoji, and Obosi.

Ojoto Uno and Obofia each has four villages. The  villages comprising Ojoto Uno are Ezieke, Ojo, Ire, and Umuchem. The Obofia villages are Enugo, Ndiabo, Umuezema and Ezema 

The Order of seniority is as follows:

1.         Ezieke                                                                         2.         Ojor                                                                           3.         Enugo                                                                        4.         Ire                                                                              5.         Ndiabor                                                                      6.         Umuchem                                                                   7.         Umuezema                                                                  8.         Ezema

Symbol: The Oji Ojoto which lived in Ezieke best symbolized Ojoto. It had two main branches, each with four sub – branches. Oji Ogbuadiji fell down in 1948 and was given a funeral by the eight villages of Ojoto. Ogbaudiji is one of the Cardinal deities in Ojoto. The shrine is at Ezieke. The Chief Priest is from Uruowelle family.

 The Headship of Ojoto; Ezieke village is the head of all the eight Villages of Ojoto. In Ezieke, this headship is located in Umuonyia family. Whoever is at  the head of Umuonyia holds the ‘Ofo’ Ojoto. The present holder is Chief Augustine Obidiwe, also  the seat of justice is located at Oye Ezieke. Serious decisions and traditional rites are performed by all eight villages on this ground. The fathers of Ojoto ordained Okwuajana as a place of justice. The one for Umuonyia is located at Oye Ezieke and is often used by all when assembled although, all villages have their shrines and Okwu-Ajana.

Geographical Location; Ojoto is bounded on the North by Umuoji, on the East by Uke, on the South by Nnobi, partly Nnewi and Ichi and on the West by Oba. The old Onitsha-Nnobi and Onitsha-Oba-Nnewi roads pass on either side of Ojoto.  Ojoto has important road links with these neighboring towns for carrying out commercial, social and cultural activities. These activities have endured over the years and are even waxing stronger. Ojoto-Obofia is therefore rather on the West of Ojoto-Uno.

Ojoto – Uno                          Obofia

 Ezieke                                      Enugo

 Ojo                                           Ndiabo

 Ire                                             Umuezema

 Umuchem                                 Ezema